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Not an ordinary overseas delivery service

We are reliable shipping company for every business

With our extensive network, advanced tracking systems, and dedicated team, we offer comprehensive solutions to address your cargo and logistics requirements

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Dependable options to fulfill both local and international shipping demands

Our experts provide invaluable guidance in navigating intricate customs regulations and procedures, ensuring hassle-free clearance for your shipments.

We offer quick and dependable delivery for time-sensitive documents and small packages through our express courier services.

Utilizing advanced tracking systems and real-time reporting, we ensure transparency and visibility throughout the entire transportation process.

We excel in efficiently and punctually delivering goods to their ultimate destination, including doorstep and same-day delivery alternatives.

Our comprehensive supply chain management optimizes inventory, reduces expenses, and enhances overall operational efficiency.


Explore the reasons behind our clients' trust in us as their favored choice for reliable and efficient cargo solutions

“Haulix has played a pivotal role in optimizing our cargo and logistics processes. Their meticulous approach and unwavering dedication to safety have established them as an indispensable partner. Their team consistently exceeds expectations to guarantee the timely and pristine arrival of our goods at their destinations.”

Rasmus Jason

Supply Chain Manager

“Haulix has been a key factor in enhancing our cargo and logistics operations. Their attention to detail, on-time deliveries, and unwavering commitment to safety have solidified their position as an essential partner. Their team consistently surpasses expectations, ensuring our goods reach their destinations punctually and in impeccable condition.”

Michael Rodriguez

Operations Director

We are highly committed to fulfill your cargo and logistics needs.

We are deeply committed to meeting your cargo and logistics requirements with dedication and expertise. Your satisfaction and success are at the heart of everything we do.

Streamlined supply chain efficiency through effective cargo and logistics solutions

Through our expansive network, advanced technologies, and comprehensive services, we guarantee the seamless flow of goods and smooth operations across the entire supply chain.

Trustworthy transport infrastructure 98%
monitoring and transparency 89%
Security and risk mitigation 95%
Comprehensive supply chain oversight 100%