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Unleash Precision with Componenta

Welcome to Componenta, where precision meets reliability. As your trusted parts partner, we bring you a vast selection of top-quality components to elevate your projects.

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Your success story could be the next one featured here. Experience the Componenta difference – where quality components meet exceptional service. Join our community of satisfied clients and elevate your projects to new heights.

Precision in Every Category

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Spark plugs

Ignite performance with precision-engineered spark plugs for optimal combustion.

Car Tires

Drive with confidence on top-quality, durable car tires for safety.

Shock Absorbers

Smooth rides ensured with our reliable and efficient shockbreakers.

Rims / Velgs

Elevate your vehicle's style with our sleek and sturdy rims.


Make a statement with powerful and distinctive vehicle horns.


Ensure peak engine performance with our high-quality filtration solutions.


Unleash power and efficiency with our precision-crafted exhaust systems.


Transform your vehicle with vibrant and durable automotive paints.


Power up your journey with reliable and long-lasting automotive batteries.

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